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founded by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin






Contact Us

Vipassana Research Institute

Igatpuri, 422 403 District Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Tel: +91 (2553) 244076, +91(2553) 244086; Fax: +91 (02553) 244176

E-mail: info@vridhamma.org


Other contact details:

Inquiries about Books, CD's and DVD's

Write to bookshop@vridhamma.org

Inquiries about Online Purchase and Online Donations

Contact 02553-244998 on weekdays between 9.30 to 5.30 PM (IST)

If you wish to make a donation

Visit this page or write to donation@vridhamma.org

To send feedback about this site or to communicate with VRI

Write to info@vridhamma.org

To communicate with Vipassana International Academy at Dhammagiri, Igatpuri

Write to info@giri.dhamma.org



To Contact Different Sections of VRI:

We get many mails/queries about various sections of VRI. We wish to give you the information about where to contact for a particular section so that you get answers quickly.



Patrika/Newsletter related inquiries


Pāli Courses


Contacting the Director of VRI


Tape Department

* Copying Section

* Recording




Vipassana Course Material application for Tablets

datacenter.mumbai@vridhamma.org, tablet@vridhamma.org (Or other ids given in circulars)


  • We also wish to inform that if you need to contact the responsible person for any issue/queries or suggestions of VRI sections, please contact as per below.


  • For Pāli Teaching and Research work and anything related to Tape Department, please write to Ms. Priti Dedhia at priti.dedhia@gmail.com.